Victor Joseph Misson

Victor Joseph Misson was a son of Phillip and Theresa (Everett) Misson. He was born September 13, 1833 in Charleroi, Belgium and died February 20, 1928 in Youngstown, Mahoning Co., Ohio. He studied art at the University in Charleroi and was an artist and interior decorator. He gained prominence in artistic circles in Belgium before he was thirty years of age. His early life was devoted to religious art and many prominent churches in Europe and Philadelphia contain his work.

Victor came to America about 1890 with his wife Marie, and sons, George Maurice and Achille and daughter, Alina with her husband, Arthur Doumont and family. They settled in the Butler, Pennsylvania area where Victor maintained a studio in Philadelphia for many years.

At the time of  his death in 1928, he had a brother, Dieu Don Misson, age 100 and a sister, Julian Misson, age 93 still living in Belgium.

I have been told Victor did not buy paintings to hang on his walls for his home. He painted his own artwork on the walls!

Victor was my great-great grandfather and died before my mom was born and think he would have been a fascinating person to know. 


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