Biographical Sketches

A lot of my family research has been focused in Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee and the Carolina’s. I have become very interested in the Native American history of those areas and have wondered if I could have Native American heritage somewhere in my ancestors. The more I research in the early and mid 1800’s, the more I think it could be possible. No proof yet, but still looking.

I was fortunate to find a reprint of a book called “Leaders and Leading Men of the Indian Territory” by H. F. O’Beirne. It contains a brief history of the Choctaw and Chickasaw tribes, their laws, customs, and religious beliefs, along with some biographical sketches of the people. 

As I read the book and time permits, I will post summaries of some of the biographical sketches of some of the people. I hope you find them interesting too!


2 responses to “Biographical Sketches

  1. Any chance you’ll be doing John Frinzell soon? (he’s my g-g-grandfather)

    • Ancestral Paths of the Guthrie, McCoy, Misson & Showalter Families

      Just posted the biography for John Frinzell. Thanks for asking!

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