J. McKinney Cobb-Choctaw

J. McKinney Cobb (Choctaw) was born in 1846 near Doaksville and was a son of James Cobb. He completed his education at the Spencer Academy. In 1871 he married Jane Chigley, the sister of Honorable Nelson Chigley.

Mr. Cobb left the Choctaw Nation because of an argument where he shot and killed a Jobe Wilson on June 2, 1877 in self-defense. The case was tried by Justice Vinson at the Push-ma-ta-ha court grounds in August, 1866 and was dismissed.

Mr. Cobb served the Choctaw brigade during the war and in 1869 was elected Sheriff of Kiamichi county, Choctaw Nation. The following year he was elected a member of the House of Representatives, which he held for three years. In 1899 he became Permit Collector.

[src.} Leaders and Leading Men of the Indian Territory with Interesting Biographical Sketches, Choctaws and Chickasaws, Vol. 1; by H. F. O’Beirne


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  1. I was given away to be adopted born march 13 My mother was alice louise sowards I was born under ronnie mack McCoy I am from columbus ohio I am a accomplished artist I am 52 and never met one person that was my blood kin and want to please help

    • Hi Mark, My name is Gregory. I too was adopted and just received a copy of my original birth certificate. My biological mother was Alice Louise Sowards and my father was listed as Walter Mack McCoy both living in Columbus Ohio

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