William Talley-Chickasaw

William Talley was born in 1850 in Charleston, South Carolina. He moved to St. Paul’s Valley in the Chickasaw Nation in 1872.  After arriving to St. Paul’s Valley, he worked in the freighting business, which was very profitable. William was employed by the U.S. government carrying goods from Caddo, Indian Territory, to the Indian Reservation at Fort Sill. William drove cattle in 1877 from Erin Springs to Colorado and Wyoming, remaining in the territory for two years. In 1879, William settled on the Washita River, Indian Territory and secured his Indian right by Marrying Agnes Chigley. She was the daughter of Senator Nelson Chigley, one of the most progressive of the full-blood Chickasaws. William and Agnes had four children: Fannie, William, Nelson, TomPerry and Suda Bell, the oldest being eight years and the youngest three years. Agnes died February 16, 1888 at the age of twenty-six.  William had eight hundred acres under fence.

[src.} Leaders and Leading Men of the Indian Territory with Interesting Biographical Sketches, Choctaws and Chickasaws, Vol. 1; by H. F. O’Beirne

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