Staying Organized with OneNote and Evernote

I am always trying to find ways to reduce the paper clutter and have finally found an easy way to achieve this. Over the past few years I have scanned all my photos, genealogy documents ie. death certificates, obituaries etc.  into my computer. I have finally achieved that task. I back up my computer every time I use it.

I have found two note organizing programs that are working great. I use two, OneNote and Evernote. OneNote is super for all my genealogy notes. The cost is reasonable, about $69.00 and can be downloaded from Microsoft. I’ve  set up my notebooks by surname and category. As I run across things that I want to keep for future use, I just copy and paste into OneNote. It’s a good way to keep things organized.

I love collecting recipes but after a while it becomes difficult to find the ones I want to use. Here comes Evernote, which is free but does have storage limits. This is part of the reason for using the two programs. Both programs can be synced to use on several different devices which is great! When I’m cooking dinner I use my tablet to look up recipes! Oh so easy.

Here is a great article written by Tanya Bomsta on how to set up OneNote for genealogy purposes. I found it very helpful and hope you do to.

How to Use Microsoft Onenote to Organize Genealogy Research Notes – Yahoo! Voices –


God Bless!



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