GedMatch DNA Report

I am so confused!!!

GedMatch reports are so much more involved than Ancestry DNA.  If anyone decides to have their DNA done, I would highly recommend uploading the raw data to GedMatch. Don’t get me wrong, both have their pros and cons.

I have a few reports showing a small percentage (2.86%) of Native American heritage. I posted a query for confirmation that I have read the report correctly. No answer as of it.

Today, I have studied Chromosome Painting reports and find them fascinating! The colored graphs are awesome and show all  22 chromosomes by population.  So, my little percentage shows up in a big way! I’ve also learned that in a chromosome graph the paternal side shows from top down and the maternal is from bottom up.  My Native ancestry is predominately on my father’s side, but also some on my mother’s side. How far back and who, I have no idea!

The GedMatch DNA reports confirm most of my heritage is from Germany, England, Ireland and Belgium which ties in with my family research.  However, there are several locations that I didn’t know about and I will need to research further.

This is an extremely detailed project and will take more time to check. Overall, I am extremely pleased so far and well worth doing!





2 responses to “GedMatch DNA Report

  1. I’m need to check this out–I’ve done both ancestryDNA and 23and Me.

  2. I attended a local conference this past weekend on DNA and while I walked away with a tremendous headache from all the technical details, I learned a lot. Your Native American heritage may not show up on Ancestry because their database does not have a large NA population. Anyway, this is fascinating stuff and I want to pursue it as well.

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