Anne Fox. Wife of Thomas Claiborne

Anne Fox was a descendant of GOVERNOR JOHN WEST (1) of Virginia, born in England, December 14, 1590, the son of Sir Thomas West, 2nd Lord Delaware. Capt. John West who immigrated in 1618 and became Governor in 1635 was also a member of the Virginia
Council for 29 years. He died in 1659. His brother Thomas West, 3rd Lord Delaware was Governor of Virginia in 1610. Another brother, Francis, was Governor of Virginia in 1627. By his marriage to Anne Knollys, daughter of Sir Francis Knollys, Governor John West
had a son, John. COL. JOHN WEST(II), born 1632, died 1689, married in 1658 Unity Croshaw,daughter of Major Joseph Croshaw, born 1610, died 1677, a member of the York County Militia and Burgess in 1658, who was a son of Capt. Raleigh Croshaw, theimmigrant, who camE in September 1608, was an early Burgess and is mentioned by
Captain John Smith in his History. John and Unity (Croshaw) West had a daughter ANNE WEST (III) who married Henry Fox, born 1650 died 1714, Burgess, Justice and Sheriff of King William County. Their daughter, ANNE FOX (IV) married THOMAS CLAIBORNE.
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