Plantagenet-Ancient Kings of Britain

Ancient Kings of Britain
Tuesday, January 18, 2011
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• The Elven Vere Descendants of Odin, Lord of the Rings
Princess Plantina, Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjou
Merovingian Princes and the ancient kings of Britain
De Diabolo Venit Et Ad Diabolum Ibid
Generation No. 1
1. Geoffrey5 Plantagenet (Fulk4 V, Fulk3 IV, Geoffrey II de2 Castinais, Geoffrey Ide1) was born 1113, and died 1151. He married Matilda of England, daughter of King Henry and of Matilda. She was born Abt. 1104, and died September 10, 1167.
Notes for Geoffrey Plantagenet:
GEOFFREY, surnamed PLANTAGENET, COUNT d’ANJOU, born 1113, died 1151. King Henry I, of England, in despair over loss of his son, William, Duke of Normandy, who was drowned in the sinking of a ship off the coast of France, sought the aid of GEOFFREY PLANTAGENET, one of the most powerful princes of France, a noble person, with “elegant and courtly manners and a reputation for gallantry in the field.” Approving the marriage of his daughter MATILDA with GEOFFREY, King Henry personally invested him with Knighthood, and expressed the hope that all Englishmen would give them full allegiance. The Barons took the oath to uphold the succession of Matilda and Geoffrey and their children after them. Thus Geoffrey heads the line of English Kings which bear his Plantagenet name.
The friends of Geoffrey were unaware that their playful nickname for him of Plantagenet would live through the years. Geoffrey was descended from the Elven Princess Plantina, sister of the Fairy Melusine. Thus he derived his popular title. As eldest son of FULK V, KING OF JERUSALEM, and his wife, ERMENGARDE, daughter of HELIAS, Count of Maine, Geoffrey was of the House of Angevin Kings, which had been prominent for three centuries. (Note: Arms of Fulk V, King of Jerusalem pictured on page 201, Magna Charta.)
Geoffrey’s descent from the House of Angevin Kings follows: From Princess Plantina, sister of the Fairy Princess Melusine………(missing generations)…………….C.800 (1) THERTULLUS (Tortulf the Woodman of Nide de Merle) , wife PETRONELLA, daughter of Conrad, Count of Paris; (2) INGELERUS I, married Adeline of Challon; (3) FULK, “the red”, born 888, died 938, wife Roscilla of Blois; (4) FULK II, The Good, Count of Anjou, died 958, married Gerberga of Catinais; (5) GEOFFREY I, Count of Anjou, died 21 July 987, married Adelaide de Vermandois, also known as Adelaide de Chalons, born 950, died 975-78; (6) FULK III, “the Black” Count of Anjou, born 970, died 21 June 1040, married, second, after 1000, Hildegarde, who died 1 April 1109, married, fifth, Bertrade de Montfort; (9) FULK V, “The Young”, Count of Anjou, King of Jerusalem, born 1092; died 10 Nov. 1143, who, as above stated, was the father of GEOFFREY V “PLANTAGENET”, Count of Anjou, Duke of Normandy, who, on 3 April 1127, married MATILDA of ENGLAND, daughter of HENRY I, of England. NOTE: Also being given below, is the descent of Geoffrey V of Anjou, (called “Plantagenet”) husband of Matilda (Maud), of England, from KING EDWARD THE GREAT.
GENEALOGY OF GEOFFREY PLANTAGENET (born 1113, died 7 Sept. 1151, from Aedd Mawr) (KING EDWARD THE GREAT), who appears to have lived about 1300 B.C. (the line of BOAZ and RUTH) to WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR, whose Genealogy back to ROLLO the DANE, is given: (1) KING EDWARD the GREAT, his son; (2) BRYDAIN, who settled in the island at an early date, and, according to tradition, gave his name to the entire island, which has since been corrupted into “Britain”. His son; (3) ANNYN TRO, his son; (4) SELYS HEN, his son; (5) BRWT, his son; (6) CYMRYW, his son; (7) ITHON, his son; (8) GWEYRYDD, his son; (9) PEREDUR, his son; (10) LLYFEINYDD, his son; (11) TEUGED, his son; (12) LLARIAN, in whose day London was a considerable town, having been founded B.C. 1020, or earlier, as some hold, at least 270 yrs before the founding of Rome; his son; (13) ITHEL, his son; (14) ENIR FARDD, his son; (15) CALCHWYDD, his son; (16) LLYWARCH, his son; (17) IDWAL, his son; (18) RHUN, his son; (19) BLEDDYN, his son; (20) MORGAN, his son; (21) BERWYN, his son; (22) CERAINT FEDWW, an irreclaimable drunkard, deposed by his subjects for setting fire, just before harvest, to the cornfields of Siluris, now Monmouthshire, his son; (23) BRYWLAIS; his son; (24) ALAFON, his son; (25) ANYN, his son; (26) DINGAD, his son; (27) GREIDIOL, his son; (28) CERAINT, his son; (29) MEIRION, his son; (30) ARCH, his son; (31) CAID, his son; (32) CERI, his son; (33) BARAN, his son; (34) LLYR (KING LEAR).
He was educated in Rome by Augustus Caesar, his son; (35) BRAN, KING of SILURIA. In the year A.D.36, he resigned the crown to his son Caradoc, and became Arch-Druid Bran the Blessed of the college of Siluria. Bran married Anna, granddaughter of St. James (Joseph of Aramathea); the niece of Jesus Christ. Jesus and his brother St. James’ lineage conjoin with The Uther Pendragon: Aedan Mac Gabran King of Scots, who married Ygraine of Avallon (see Avallon descent). During his seven years in Rome, Bran (St. Brandon) became the first royal convert to Christianity and was baptized by the Apostle Paul, as was his son, Cardoc and the latter’s two sons, Cyllinus and Cynon (he introduced the use of vellum into England). his son; (36) CARADOC (CARACTACUS), was King of Siluria, (Monmouthshire, etc.), his son; (37) ST. CYLLIN, King of Siluria. He first of the Cymry (Cimmerians of Scythia), gave infants names, for before, names were not given except to adults. His brother, Linus the Martyr; his sister Claudia and her husband Rufus Pudens, aided the apostle Paul in the Christian Church in Rome. As recorded in II Timothy 4:21 and Romans 16:13, Rufus Pudens and St. Paul are shown to be half-brothers, children of the same mother, they had different fathers; Paul, by a Hebrew husband and Rufus, by a second marriage with a Roman Christian. His son; (38) PRINCE COEL, son of Cyllin was living A.D. 120; his son; (39) KING LLEUVER MAWR, (Lucius the Great), the second Blessed Sovereign, married Gladys, whose ancestry for eight immediate past generations is as follows; (a) CAPOIR, whose son was; (b) BELI (HELI) THE GREAT, died B.C. 72, whose son; (c) LUD, died B.C. 62, his son; (d) TENUANTIUS, his son; (e) CYNVELINE (Cymbeline), King of Britain. He was educated in Rome by Augustus Caesar, and later, forestalled the invasion of the island. His eleventh son; (f) AVIRAGUN, King of Britain, lived in Avalon (The Isle of Arran), the renowned enemy of Rome; married VENISSA JULIA, daughter of TIBERIUS CLAUDIUS CAESAR, EMPEROR OF ROME, who was the grandson of MARK ANTONY. The son of Aviragus and Venissa Julia was; (g) MERIC, (Marius,), King of Britain, married the daughter of the GODDESS-QUEEN BOADICEA (VICTORIA.)
They had a daughter; (h) EURGEN, of whom later, and a son Coel, who became King of Britain in 125. OLD KING COLE, educated in Rome, built Colchester (Coel-Castra), and died A.D. 170. (h)EURGEN, (see above), the said daughter of Meric, (Marius) and his wife, the daughter of Boadicea, had, as above stated, Gladys, who became the wife of No. 39 (see above), Lleuver Mawr (Lucius the Great) who is said to have changed the established religion of Britain from DRUIDISM to CHRISTIANITY though this must be patently untrue. The daughter of Lucius the Great and his wife, Gladys, was; (40) GLADYS, who became the wife of Cadvan, of Cambria, Prince of Wales. Their daughter; (41) STRADA, the FAIR, married Coel, a later King of Colchester, living A.D. 232. Their daughter; (42) HELEN of the CROSS, (The Arms of Colchester were a “cross with three crowns”), Helen was born 248, died 328 and became the wife of CONSTANTIUS I, afterward Emperor of Rome, and, in right of his wife, King of Britain. He was born 242, died 306.
Their son; (43) CONSTANTINE THE GREAT, born 265, died 336. Of British birth, he is known as the first CHRISTIAN EMPEROR. The greatest of all Roman Emperors, he annexed Britain to the Roman Empire, his son; (44) CONSTANTIUS II, died in 360, his son; (45) CONSTANTIUS III, married Placida, died in 421, his son; (46) VALENTINIAN III, died in 455. His daughter; (47) EUDOXIA, married Hunneric, who died in 480. her son; (48) HILDERIC, King of the Vandals in 525, his daughter; (49) HILDA, married Frode VII, who died 548; her son; (50) HALFDAN, KING OF DENMARK, his son; (51) IVAR VIDFADMA, KING of DENMARK and SWEDEN in 660 his son: (52) RORIC SLINGEBAND, KING of DENMARK and SWEDEN in 700, his son; (53) HARALD HILDETAND, KING of DENMARK and SWEDEN in 725, his son; (54) SIGURD RING, living in 750, his son; (55) RAYNER LODBROCK, KING of DENMARK and SWEDEN, died in 794, married Aslanga.
Aslanga was granddaughter of the one-eyed God-King ODIN, (Father of Sigfreid and Brunhilde: Swan Princess and Valkyrie) LORD OF THE AESIR (The inspiration for both Tolkein’s Gandalf [Grey Elf ] and the one-eyed Sauron [from Saur: Lizard or Dragon] Lord of the Rings). Odin was the ancestor of Robert de Vere, the historical Robin Hood or Hoden.
RAYNER LODBROCK’S son; (56) SIGURD SNODOYE, KING of DENMARK and SWEDEN, died 830, his son; (57) HORDA KNUT, KING of DENMARK, died in 850, his son; (58) FROTHA, KING of DENMARK, died 875, his son; (59) GORM ENSKE, married Sida and died in 890, his son; (60) HAROLD PARCUS, KING of DENMARK, whose wife was Elgiva, daughter of ETHELRED I, King of England, (a brother of King Alfred The Great), his son; (61) GORM del CAMMEL, KING of DENMARK, died in 931. His wife was Thyra, his son; (62) HAROLD BLAATAND, KING of DENMARK, died in 981, his daughter; (63) LADY GUNNORA, wife of Richard I, third Duke of Normandy, born 933, died 996. They had (beside their son Richard II ((see later)), a son; (64) ROBERT d’EVEREUX, the Archbishop, who died in 1087, his son; (65) RICHARD, Count d’Evereux, died 1067, his daughter, (66) AGNES EVEREUX, who became the wife of Simon l de Montfort, her daughter; (67) BERTRADE MONTFORT, became the wife of FULK IV, Count d’Anjou, born 1043, died 1109. The said Fulk IV’s descent from OLD KING COLE is as follows;
Coel: OLD KING COLE, son of Meric (MARIUS) (g) above mentioned, was the father of, (1) ATHILDIS, wife of Marcomir IV, King of Franconia, who died 149. They had (2) CLODOMIR IV, King of the Franks, died 166, married Hasilda, their son; (3) KING FARABERT, died 186, his son; (4) KING SUNNO, died 213, his son; (5) KING HILDERIC, died 253, his son; (6) KING PARTHERUS, died 272, his son; (7) KING CLOLIUS III, died 298, his son; (8) KING WALTER, died 306, his son; (9) KING DAGOBERT, died 317, his son; (10) GENEBALD I Duke of the East Franks, died 350, his son; (11) KING DAGOBERT, died 379, his son; (12) KING CLODIUS I, died 389, his son; (13) KING MARCOMIR, died 404, his son; (14) KING PHAROMOND, married Argotta, daughter of Genebald, their son; (15) KING CLODIO, married Basina de Thuringia, and died 455, their son; (16) SIGERMERUS I, married the daughter of Ferreolus Tomantius, his son; (17) FERREOLUS, married Deuteria, a Roman lady, their son; (18) AUSBERT, died 570, married Blitheldes, daughter of Clothaire I, King of France, and his wife Ingonde, and grand-daughter of CLOVIS THE GREAT, King of France, born 466, baptized at Rheims, and died 511, and his wife Clothilde, of Burgundy, “The girl of the French Vineyards.
It was she who led him to embrace Christianity, and mythically three thousand of his followers were baptized in a single day. When Clovis first listened to the story of Christ’s Crucifixion, he was so moved that he cried, “If I had been there with my valiant Franks, I would have avenged Him”. Ausbert and Blithildes were the parents of (19) ARNOUL, Bishop of Metz, died 601, married Oda de Savoy and had (20) ST. ARNOLPH, Bishop of Metz, died 641, married Lady Dodo and had, (21) ACHISEA, married Begga of Brabant, who died 698, their son; (22) PEPIN d’HERISTAL, Mayor of the Palace, died 714, who married Alpais.
PEPIN of HERISTAL made himself conspicuous. His home was near Spa in the woodland country around Liege. He made the office hereditary in his family. His heroic son, (23) CHARLES MARTEL, the Hammer, Mayor of the Palace, King of France, was still more famous, because, in the decisive Battle of Tours in 732, he utterly routed the Arabs, who had conquered Spain and the south of France. Charles Martel Married Rotrude and died in 741. His son, (24) PEPIN THE SHORT (or PEPIN le BREF, King of France, died in 768, leaving by his wife Bertha, of Laon, a son; (25) CHARLEMAGNE, Charles the Great, born 2 April 742, probably at Aix-La-Chapelle, the greatest figure of the Middle ages, King of the Franks. Charlemagne and his younger brother, Carloman, succeeded to equal portions to one of the most powerful of European kingdoms, bounded by the Pyrenees, the Alps, the Mediterranean and the Ocean. Carloman, the younger brother, died soon after the death of their father, Pepin The Short, and with the consent of the great nobles, Charlemagne became King. Desiderius, the King of Lombardy, had made large encroachments upon the states of the Roman Pontiff, whose cause was taken up by Charlemagne. This led to feuds, which Bertha, his mother, endeavored to appease by arranging a marriage between her son and the daughter of the Lombard.
But the Ring Lord Charlemagne soon took a disgust to the wife thus imposed upon him, and repudiated her, that he might marry Hildegarde, born 757, died 30 April 782, the daughter of a noble family in Suabia. By his wife, Hildegarde, he had a son: (26) LOUIS I, the DEBONAIRE, who by his second wife, Judith, was the father of Gisela, ancestress of Hugh Capet, King of France and of JAMICIA, wife of RICHARD de CLARE, MAGNA CHARTA SURETY. Louis I, by his first wife Ermengarde, who died 818, daughter of Ingram, Count of Basbania, was father of (27) LOTHAIRE, Earl of Germany, who married Ermengarde of Alsace, and had (28) ERMENGARDE, who was the wife of Giselbert. Their son; (29) REGUIER I, Count of Hainault, died 916, who married Albreda, their son; (30) CISELBERT, Duke of Lorraine, married Gerlerga and died 930, their daughter; (31) ALBREDA of LORRAINE, wife of Renaud, Count de Roucy, who died 973, their daughter; (32) ERWENTRUDE ROUCY, married Alberic II, Count de Macon, who died 975, their daughter; (33) BEATRICE MACON, married Geoffrey I de Castenais, their son; (34) GEOFFREY II de CASTINAIS, married Ermengarde de Anjou, their son; (35) FULK IV, Count of Anjou, born 1043, died 1109, married Bertrade de Montfort (no. 67 above), their son (36) FULK V, Count d’Anjou, who, as elsewhere stated (above) was the father of GEOFFREY PLANTAGENET, who married MATILDA of ENGLAND, a great-great-great-grand daughter of RICHARD I, Duke of Normandy and his wife, Lady Cunnora. Matilda’s descent from Richard I, Duke of Normandy is as follows: (1) RICHARD I, Duke of Normandy, his son; (2) RICHARD II, Duke of Normandy, died 1026, married Judith de Bretagne, their son; (3) ROBERT the MAGNIFICENT, also known as Robert the Devil, who, by Herleve Falaise, had WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR, father of King Henry I of England, who had Matilda, Wife of Geoffrey Plantagenet.
NOTE: WURTS’ MAGNA CHARTA, pp. 158-168 inclusive,gives sixty nine Generations of lineal descent from No. 1, Edward the Great, (Aedd Mawr) to No. 69, Geoffrey Plantagenet. This also shows Geoffrey’s descent from the FRANKISH KINGS, Nos. 1, to and including 35; also his descent from No. (6) (HELI) Beli the Great through LUD, through TUANTIUS, through CYNVELIN (CYMBELINE), through AVIRAGUS, through MERIC (MARIUS), through EURGEN, through GLADYS, wife of No. 39, (LLEUVER MAWR) LUCIUS THE GREAT. And page 168 Wurt’s Magna Charta shows that both Geoffrey Plantagenet and his wife, Matilda, or Maud, of England, were descendants of WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR, who as above stated, was descended from CHARLEMAGNE.
Notes for Matilda of England:
Descent from CHARLEMAGNE to MATILDA, or Maud, of England, wife of GEOFFREY PLANTAGENET; (1) CHARLEMAGNE and wife, Hildegarde had a son; (2) PEPIN, born 776, died 8 July 810, before his father. He was crowned by the Pope in 781, King of Lombardy and Italy, married Bertha, daughter of William, Count of Toulouse, his son; (3) BERNHARD, King of Lombardy, succeeded his father about the year 812, he was deposed by his Uncle Louis, blinded and put to death. By his wife Cunegonde, he had a son; (4) PEPIN, who was deprived of the throne by his Uncle Louis, Emperor, called the Debonair, and received a part of Vermandois and the Seigneuries of St. Quentin and Peronne. His son; (5) PEPIN, Pepin de Senlis de Valois, Count Berengarius, of Bretagne, who was living in 893, the father of (6) LADY POPPA, (puppet or doll), who became the first wife of ROLLO the DANE, first Duke of Normandy. Their son; (7) WILLIAM LONGSWORD, was father of (8) RICHARD the FEARLESS, father of; (9) RICHARD II, “the Good”, whose son; (10) ROBERT “THE DEVIL”, sixth Duke of Normandy, who, by Herleve de falaise, daughter of the Tanner, Fulbert de Falaise, had a son; (11) WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR, born at Falaise in 1027, father of HENRY I, KING of ENGLAND, WHO WAS THE LAST OF THE NORMAN KINGS. (Magna Charta 178, 182, 183). She was designated Henry’s heir, and on his death (1135), Stephen seized the throne and Matilda invaded England (1139) inaugurating a period of inconclusive civil war. She and her second husband (Geoffrey) captured Normandy and in 1152 the Treaty of Wallingford recognized Henry as Stephen’s heir. Burke says she was betrothed in her eight year (1119) to Henry.
Child of Geoffrey Plantagenet and Matilda England is:
+ 2 i. King Henry II6 Plantagenet, born March 25, 1133 in Le Mans; died July 06, 1189 in Chinon Castle, Anjou.
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