Sarah R. Hellyer-Spaid Genealogy

Spaid Genealogy 247 

(3757) Sarah R. Hellyer (3744), daughter of David and Rachel 
Hellyer, was born and reared on a farm in Blackford county, Ind. 
On attaining womanhood she married Perry Daily and four chil- 
dren were born to them in Indiana. About 1898 they removed 
to Rector, Ark., and the following year this much-needed young 
mother died in her twenty-fifth year, leaving the following little 
children, whose present whereabouts are unknown, though every 
effort has been made to locate them: 

(3758) Anna Daily 

(3759) Ida M. Daily 

(3760) Fred Daily 

(3761) Edna Daily 

(3762) Ida May Hellyer (3745) was born several months after 
her father had died. She grew to womanhood in Muncie, Ind. 
Sept. 28, 1895, she married Alonzo Lytle, born Oct. 28, 1873. He 
is a carpenter by trade and they have a neat cottage home in 
Muncie that shows the Spaid liking for order and neatness. Mrs. 
Lytle very much resembles her father's people, being of large 
stature, straight and vigorous looking. Three children were born 
to Mr. and Mrs. Lytle, the youngest dying in boyhood: 

(3763) David McKinley Lytle (3766), Aug. 22, 1896- 

(3764) Bertha Marie Lytle (3768), June 11, 1898- 

(3765) Ralph Dewey Lytle, Dec. 13, 1900-Dec. 8, 1905. 

(3766) David M. Lytle (3763), son of Alonzo and Ida Lytle, 
was bom and reared in Muncie, Ind. Oct. 28, 1916, he married 
Hazel Farrell, born May 19, 1899. He is a truck driver, and their 
home is in Muncie. They have one daughter: 

(3767) Dorothy Marie Lytle, Aug. 30, 1917- 

(3768) Bertha Marie Lytle (3764), daughter of Alonzo and Ida 
Lytle, was born and reared in Muncie, Ind. Feb. 2, 1916, she mar- 
ried William Skillman, a boxmaker, born July 19, 1887, and they 
make their home with her parents in Muncie. One child has been 
born to them : 

(3769) Edward D. Skillman, born and died April 9, 1917. 


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