Guthrie & McCoy Families

Guthrie Family

My father’s parents were Alvin Guthrie and Julia Lou Ella McCoy. The Guthrie’s were primarily from South Carolina, Alabama and Texas.

Related surnames are: Guttery, Romine, Williams, Johnson, Johnston, Birdwell, Allen, Smith, Baker, Arnett, Rushing and Jackson.

McCoy Family

The McCoy’s were from Arkansas, Mississippi, South Carolina and Texas.

Surnames related to the McCoy line are: Goodwin, Barnes, Seay, Menasco, Bennett and Jacks.

I’ve been told that there is Native American heritage on the McCoy side but as of yet, I have not been able to confirm that. If you have been told this too, I would really like to hear from you!

Showalter & Misson Families

My grandfather, James Lee Showalter was born in a log cabin at Allegheney Furnace, Altoona, Pennsylvania in November, 1898, to Solomon Showalter and Margaret Kelley. Sometime in his mid teens, he ran away from home and changed his name to Fred James Lewis, to avoid being forced to work in the coal mines by family. As he got older, he regretted that decision. When World War I was declared, at the age of 18, he enlisted in the Army and received an Honorable Dischare on April 12, 1919. He married Eunice Marie Misson on November 21, 1919 at St. James Church in Toledo, Ohio. Out of their union, they had four children, two boys and two girls.


The Showalter’s were from Blair, Huntingdon and Chester Counties, Pennsylvania and originally from Germany.

Surnames related are: Kelley, Collier, Colyer, Diehl, Delozier, Keller, Robeson, Snavely, Sutton, Lynn, Kline, Olewine, Nagle, Nail, Patterson and Ohl.


My grandmother, Eunice Marie Misson was born in January 1898 at Harford City, Indiana to Achille Misson and Bertha May Richardson. As a young woman, Eunice worked for a family in Toldeo, Ohio where she met James and fell in love. Achille Misson, his siblings and parents immigrated in the late 1800′s from Belgium. Achille worked in the glass factories in Indiana and Ohio. His father, Joseph Victor Misson was a ‘renowned religious artist” not only in Belgium, but also, in Brazil and Pennsylvania.

The Misson’s lived in Butler County, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Lucas and Mahoning Counties, Ohio and originally Belgium.

Related surnames are Richardson, Burgess, Eckles, Fame, Flagg, Forry, Green, Hews, Mankin, Shaw, Dumont and Stepp.


8 responses to “Surnames

  1. My Great-great grandmother was Julia McCoy Guthrie (Baines?) through her daughter Thelma Guthrie. Thelma married Cephus Montgomery, my great grandparents. They had several children, one being Vela. Vela is my grandmother. I am wondering if this is the same Julia McCoy.

    • Ancestral Paths of the Guthrie, McCoy, Misson & Showalter Families

      Hi Carlena, Thelma was my dad’s sister so it looks like we are cousins! I think you are the first person from Thelma’s line that I have heard from. I would love to see your family information for her descendants and Cephus Montgomery’s family line. So glad that you wrote. Hope to hear from you and feel free to email privately:

  2. donna montgomery dalton

    thelma and cephas montgomery were my grandparent on my dads side, vela was my aunt , julia Mccoy was my great grandmother,, would love to chat more with both of you

    • Ancestral Paths of the Guthrie, McCoy, Misson & Showalter Families

      Hi Donna, I am so pleased to hear from you and to learn that you are are great granddaughter of Julia McCoy. I would be more than happy to chat more about the McCoy families. Feel free to email me privately at


  3. Hello,
    What a fascinating website! Thank you for sharing all the information/photos on your family. I’m working on a family tree ( for a “friend of a friend” who descends (I believe) from one of Eunice Marie Mission’s younger siblings. I found Eunice and her sisters Laura and Letty on the the 1910 Census in a Toledo, Ohio orphanage. Their father Achille (divorced) is found on the 1910 Census living with his parents and son, George, in Lucas, Ohio. Do you know if Eunice ever mentioned this or ever spoke of the circumstances?

    • Sorry I have not responded before now but have been unavailable due to health issues in my family.

      Eunice was my grandmother. I do know some of the history about her and her siblings being in orphanages. I was under the impression that most of my cousins were familiar with not only my research on the Misson line but also regarding Achille and Bertha’s divorce and the orphange history. I’ll be happy to share what I know but would like to know who you are doing the research for and how they are related.


  4. Hi Janice,

    I don’t feel comfortable replying online and having his personal information posted on a public website, but I was helping one of Lettie’s great-grandsons. He was so excited about the progress we were making that he spent the entire Thanksgiving vacation traveling to his out-of-state relatives getting photos and information. Together with what I was able to find in the records, we were able to piece together a lot of information. I think we’re all good.

    Thanks for getting back in touch,

    R. Joseph

  5. Thanks for visiting and following my blog. I’m now following yours. I have Burgess in my line. My Burgess’ were from Virginia and West Virginia.

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