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Backing up Your Work

Many years ago, I had a computer crash and at the time I had just started doing family research and did not have a lot of data recorded. However, it still took almost a full day to install all of my software onto the new computer. Then I had to enter all of my genealogy data, letters, favorites, email addresses, etc. It was a job I did not want to repeat. I worked as an Office Manager, bookkeeper for many years and always backed up my documents and accounting files on a daily bases. Why I had not practiced the same at home, I do not know. Needless to say, I now backup my files anytime I make changes!

Backup options are available in all kinds of formats now, online, DVDs, zip drives, and removable hard drives just to name a few. I have tried most of them. The last removable hard drive I used was an 80gig Seagate. I didn’t like having to remember which files to backup and the drive was bulky and heavy. I wanted everything saved and I didn’t want to mess with things!

So, I started looking for an easier way to save my documents and files. I found a product called ClickFree that is an automatic backup system. It is fantastic! My ClickFree will hold 320gig’s of data. You can backup word, Excell, PowerPoint, photos, genealogy files or the entire hard drive. The first backup might take some time but after that it is pretty quick as it only updates the changes. It connects to your computer via a usb plug and it starts automatically. How simple is that! The ClickFree is about the size of a 4 x6 index card and about an inch and a half thick and comes with the usb cord and storage case. This system also lets you use it on several different computers. So, if you have a desktop, your husband has a laptop and your son has a desktop, you can backup all three under individual settings.I bought my husband a laptop last fall and did a restore from my computer to his laptop of specific files such as the word documents.

I live in tornado alley and when we have warnings, mine goes in my purse to go to the basement. When we went on vacation, my was put in the bank vault. I know there is nothing that can give you 100% certainty but this does come close. The approximate cost is about $140.00 and it can be found on Amazon, and QVC. Of course, you can go directly to their website: ClickFree . A really great, reasonably priced product that I would buy again!