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Biographical Sketches of the Chickasaw and Other Tribes

What follows is a listing of the biographies featured in the Chickasaw and a few other tribes sections of the book “Leaders and Leading Men of the Indian Territory” by H. F. O’Beirne. 

As in my earlier post, I apologize that the names are not in alphabetical order. However, you can do a search by pressing ”Ctl-F” to have the search box appear  and then just type the last name that you want to find.

Remember that just because the name and biography are in the list DOES NOT mean that a person is of Native American Heritage. 

At the bottom of the Chickasaw listing you will find a few sketches of the Kiowa, Comanche, Wichita, Caddo and Otoe Tribes. 

This completes the listing of the all the biographical sketches listed in this book.

  Good luck with your search!

Biographical Sketches-Chickasaw

William L. Cochran  James Harris Guy William Perry Leeper
Newton Galloway Frazier  Abel Dustin Chase Hon. Palmer S. Mosely
Milton Brown  Frederick T. Waite A. W. Shelton, M. D.
John M. Webb  Walton James Edward Shehon Burney
Wm. M.M. Kemp  John R. Surrell Gov. Wm. Malcolm Guy
Joseph Saddler  J. H. Mashburn William Talley
 S. W. Wallace  William Thos.Shannon Charles B. Campbell
 Charles Hobart Heald William Fox W. G. Kimberlain
Mr. & Mrs. H. F. Baker George R. Beeler Joseph  H. Riley
Simon Kemp J. F. Myers John Franklin Gooding
Wiley Franklin Brown Daniel Collins Robert  L. Ream
Francis Joseph Fisher James Dulin Newton G. Wilson
Edward  Q. Franklin Mr. & Mrs. W. S. Burks William W. Cooper, M. D.
Rev. Colbert  E. Burris Frank Colbert Sanford Minor Mead
Charles E. Eastman Judge B. W. Carter Humphrey Colbert
J. H. Godfrey Hon. Josiah Brown Col. George W. Harkins
W. F. Laney Gov. Wm. L. Byrd Purcell Register
J. T. Henegar & Co. H. T. Miller W. A. Norman
Jourdan A. Smith James Davison George J. Wilson, M. D.
Charlie E. Betts William McBride Judge Thos. B. Johnston
W. H. Bacon Dr. William Poyner Everett P. Baker
A. H. Nuttall Chas. M. Maxfield James Allen Colbert
Hon. James M. Stovall George W. Adams Thomas J. Phillips
Judge Reuben Bourland J. C. Worley Henry T. Walker
Hon. Nelson Chigley Giles W. Harkins, M.D. Judge Robert L. Boyd
Hon. Lewis Keel Joseph  B. Wilson John H. Walner
Hon. Hogan Keel Charles Collins Perry Froman
Cicero A. Skeen Amos R. Waite Hon. Sam Paul
Isaac S. Wright Montford  P. Johnson Reagan W. Jennings
Edmund Turnbull Thomas B. Thompson C, L, Campbell
Felix R. Phillips Alexander McKinney J. Wesley Parker
Mr. & Mrs. Alexr. Rennie Judge J. H. Franklin John Henry Kenney
Hon. Holmes Colbert Dr. H. F. Murray Tipton Shirley Harris
John Rennie John William Burks Frank M. Fox
George A. Yarborough Booker James Wm. N. Price
Mrs. Eula (Colbert)  Myers Hon. T. A. McClure Willis B. Lowrance
Joseph M. Franklin George H. Truax, M. D. Mazeppa Turner
James M. Harris William Hull Edward Collins
Tandy C. Walker J. H. Easton C. E. Gooding
Sketches of the Kiowa, Comanche, Wichita, Caddo and Otoe Tribes
Granny Houston Quanah Parker Comanche Medicine Man
Ko-Mul-Tah, Kiowa Chief John Wilson Wild Horse
Cora Caruth White Horse, Otoes Chief

Big Tree, Kiowa Chief