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BCGS Newsletter Arrived

I belong to the Blair County Genealogical Society in Pennsylvania and as part of my annual membership dues, I receive a quarterly newsletter. I always look forward to its arrival hoping there will be a new article with new clues to my grandfather’s past and ancestors. Well, so far no earth shattering information has been found! I’ll still keep looking and hoping, you never know when something will turn up!

If you are doing a lot of research in a specific area, it might well be worth your time to become a member of the local genealogical society. You would be amazed at how much information is available and how willing they are to help. The societies generally have a lot of books available on the local history, cemetery records to just name a few. Also, another reason to join is the opportunity to network with others who are also researching in the same area. I have connected  with several distant cousins through my membership and we have all exchanged information. It’s a great way to expand your researching network.